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Saomad Sintesi Window Centre







Working table:

  • Size 720 x 1130mm
  • Tiltable fence +/- 60 degrees with three reference stops, automatic anti-chip device with 8 positions computer assisted, wood backing piece



  • 2 pneumatic vertical clamps


Tenoning Carriage:

  • Motor with inverter for the variable speed of the carriage
  • Two stand-alone potentiometers ( one for the speed under the saw and the other one for the speed under the shaft) from 2 to 25 m/min and return speed of 25m/min, motor 0.5 HP with constant torque even if rpm is decreased.


Circular Saw:

  • 4hp, 3000 rpm, blade diameter 400mm x 30mm bore for max.
  • Cutting height 125 mm.
  • Horizontal blade displacement of 130mm through horizontal 16 positions revolver turret stop.


One Tenoning Spindle:

  • Diameter 50mm
  • Useful length 620mm
  • Vertical encoder controlled setting
  • Motor 10hp, 3200 rpm with star-delta starter
  • Max tool diameter 330mm.





2 Profiling spindles:

  • Dia. 50mm shaft
  • Useful length 320mm
  • Vertical encoder controlled
  • Motor 7.5HP 6000 rpm, with star-delta starter
  • Max tool diam. 240mm
  • Tool base diam. 110-140mm.
  • The first spindle turns in clockwise and anticlockwise to carry out the anti-splinter work.


Glass stop recovery unit:

  • Blade 200mm x 30mm shaft
  • Vertical stroke 150mm, through 4 positions revolver
  • Motor HP 3hp, 6000rpm for blade diam.
  • 50mm horizontal adjustment.



  • Rubber wheels diameter 120mm
  • Interaxis 130mm
  • Motor 1HP
  • Pneumatic working pressure
  • Standard 19 wheels.
  • Adjustable feed speed from 2 to 17 mt/min.

Saomad Titanium Window Centre



Developed to meet the requirements of small to medium sized joinery manufacturers this compact, but extremely robust model incorporates a number of new features previously not available.


These include the option of HSK B100 quick change shafts on both the tenoning and profiling sections, which gives a greater level of flexibility for producing different design windows and doors. With this feature instead of having to individually replace certain tenoning discs or profiling tools, which can be a time consuming operation, the individual shafts already have the tooling stacks set up and it is just a case of interchanging them as required via the inbuilt spindle quick release system.


In addition the tenoning carriage is fitted with an automatic clamping and rotation device which allows for components to be quickly and easily tenoned on both ends without having to remove them from the machine.

To maximise production output it is also possible to clamp and tenon two components at the same time.


As standard the machine is fitted with a cut off saw, single 320mm long tenoning shaft and 2 x 320mm long profiling shafts, one counter rotating for storm proofing. It is possible to choose to have just one or all shafts with the HSK quick change option.


A hardware grooving unit, glass bead recovery saw and pneumatic profiling counterguide are also standard features.


On request additional 320mm long profiling shafts can also be specified along with a component return conveyor. Vertical positioning of the all the heads is electronic and controlled through the main machine control unit that is conventionally positioned between the tenoning and profiling sections.


Saomad Rotowood user friendly interface software means that window designs and sizes are simply and quickly entered and a file machining order automatically generated. It is possible to work files (in CSV format) with up to 5000 lines which can be generated either directly by the operator or via external design software such as Joinersoft.


On request 'tele assistance' diagnostics is available via an ethernet link.


Saomad Woodpecker 25



Flexible working center for the pre-finished realization of windows and doors, of any shape, even in sequence for products always different each other.




Thanks to its different possibilities of configuration, it is possible to obtain:

  • All shapes of windows
  • All shape of doors-windows
  • Inside doors
  • Shutters
  • Small gates
  • Fully reversibile windows
  • Furniture doors
  • Stairs parts
  • Lamellar beams


And many other products...





  • Complete automation of the working cycles
  • Energy saving and power consumption reduced thanks to an effective dust extraction system
  • Huge flexibility for each type of doors and windows
  • Big quality precision and finishing
  • Skilled workers not necessary
  • Execution of the orders in total autonomy
  • Integration with other machines
  • Big number of tools always available
  • Working plan with automatic bars
  • Interface with all european softwares for the transmission of the orders directly from the office, through an internal net or a simple USB key



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