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Tooling & Tool-room Equipment

Most types of tooling supplied, for Manual and Automatic feed machines


Right machine for the job!

Right tools for the machine!

Right Price for the tools!


TCT Saw blades and special blades


  • Cross cut & ripping blades
  • Spindle grooving blades
  • Spindle variable & fixed grooving blades
  • Panel & Wall Saw blades and scoring blades

TCT Rebate & Grooving heads


  • Steel & Aluminium body
  • Shear cut & none shear
  • Rebate heads with adjustable top and bottom radius or "V" knives
  • Various diameters & heights
  • Various bore sizes & 2 or 4 knife

TCT Vari angle heads


  • Tool height from 40 mm - 50 mm - 60 mm
  • Tool diameters 120 mm or 160 mm
  • From 30 to 40 mm bore
  • Complete with setting gauge

Planer / Moulding Heads


  • Planer heads with regrindable knives
  • CentroLock planer heads with disposable knives HSS or Carbide
  • PowerLock cutter heads
  • Chip limiter and none limiter serrated cutterblocks
  • Chip limiter Whitehill cutterblocks for various knife sizes
  • Scribing heads for single end tenon machines

Tenon heads


  • TCT Chip limiter main tenon heads for various machines
  • Chip limiter Whitehill type & serrated scribe heads

Turnblade tools


  • Turnblade T & G flooring tools with adjustable and removable "V" knives
  • Turnblade jointing and profile tools for windows, doors, door frames, kitchen cabinet doors etc.

Carbide Knives


  • Standard turnblade knives and spur cutters
  • Centrolock knives HSS and Carbide
  • Tersa knives





ESTA Knife System


  • Carbide & HSS


Replace your old re-grindable planer knives with a quick disposable system, with the minimum of setting.


Various sizes available for different types of machine cutter blocks.

Mortise tools


  • English mortise chisel & augers metric or imperial, replacement augers only if required
  • Complete chain, bar and sprocket sets. Please state distance between centres
  • Oscillating mortise chisels, Single, Twin, Special shapes made to order, with and without blow holes. Please state mortise width, length and depth, softwood or hardwood

Profile Grinding Machines


Used for the production of shaped knives from blanks, Mainly grinding HSS but Stellite and Carbide can be ground with the correct wheels. Serrated back knives are most popular but the shaping of Whitehill blanks, Euro knives can also be achieved.


Benefits of your own grinder are:

  • Regrinding of knives to give accurate profile consistency.
  • Quick regrinding when the cutters become dull or nicked due to stone or staples
  • Knives can be sharpened when needed to maintain quality.
  • Quick customer turnaround on bespoke profiles

Tool cleaning Washers



Designed to wash and degrease components automatically, using hot water and detergent


100% stainless steel fabrication with energy saving double skin construction


Removable debris filter basket


Static basket prevents component damage


Long solution life


Easily maintained


Water level safety trip


Adjustable temperature control


Air cushioned lid seal/trim,


UK manufactured.

Tool cleaning Ultrasonics


Heavy Duty Ultrasonic Tanks


The Tank sizes from 15 litres to 300 litres


Tanks are designed to support heavy loads with supports on the base of the tank


Debris collection at drain port


Single and 3 phase units


Stainless steel stands for mounting - OPTIONAL


High levels of filtration available


Overflow and pump facility for removing floating debris.

Used Tooling & Tool-room Equipment

Wadkin Optical Measuring Stand


Wadkin Setting Stand with Optical Measuring for Radial & Axial data


40mm arbor


Contact us for more details.

Wadkin Visage Profile Grinder


Model NNV300


Grinding of straight and profiled knives from blanks


Re-grinding of existing profile knives




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