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Single End Tenon Machine 2 or 3 head



  • Cast iron base, table, column and slideways
  • Two 175x60x30mm aluminium cutterblocks with four shear cut disposable knives
  • Two spur cutters and provision for fitting two profile cutters and chip limiters
  • Aluminium extruded fence and cam operated timber clamp
  • Position indicators to the rise and fall and offset of the front two cutterblocks
  • Switchgear with NVR, overload protection, and lockable isolator
  • Braked motors
  • 150mm diameter chip collection points, tool kit and operators manual
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    Model TE/TESH c/w: Cast iron baseTable column and slidewaysTwo 175x60x30mm aluminium cutterblocks with four shear cut disposable knivesTwo spur cutters and provision for fitting two profile cutters and chip limitersAluminium extruded fence and cam operated timber clampPosition indicators to the rise and fall and offset of the front two cutterblocksSwitchgear with NVR, overload protection, and lockable isolatorBraked motors150mm diameter chip collection pointsTool kit and operators manual Ease of operation Taking only minutes to set up, the Sedgwick TE/TESH is easy to use and accurate in operation. Work is positioned on the rolling table against an end stop and a fence, and is secured by a cam action clamp. Its end is then passed between two vertically mounted cutterheads which machine the top and bottom cheeks of the tenon. The tenon width is set by raising or lowering the top motor, and its position on the timber by raising/lowering the two motors in tandem. Variations in shoulder length are set using the rule on the end stop, and staggered tenons are achieved by simple handwheel adjustment of the top motor, again reading from a rule. Versatility Each cutting head has provision for profile knives to enable the operator to match the cross section of the components being jointed. Alternatively the optional scribing head provides improved accuracy, ease of setting, and finish. Stepped tenons, splayed tenons, scribed tenons, double tenons, and multiple bridles are all possible on this versatile machine. Combinations of 90 degree and bevelled cutting discs with appropriate spacers can also be fitted to produce interleaved joints as used in sash window construction. Construction The Sedgwick TE/TESH is designed and built to withstand continuous production use. Its cast iron base, column and slideways provide a rigid and durable mainframe assembly, and the 2.2Kw motors supply ample power. The generously proportioned cast iron sliding table is mounted on bearing equipped hardened steel rollers for minimum wear, and cutterhead slide movements are easily adjusted on dovetail slides for ease of maintenance. Safety Features The TE/TESH offers all of these safety features as standard:Automatic brakingStarters with thermal overload, no volt release protection and lock off emergency stop switch.

    Technical Data Value
    Motor rating 2.2kw
    Timber capacity 130 x 310 mm
    Timber capacity with fence at 45deg 130 x 195 mm
    Maximum length of tenon 155 mm
    Max. length of tenon x 2 passes 205 mm
    Vertical adjustment of bottom cutter block 0 - 60 mm
    Vertical adjustment of top cutter block 0 - 120 mm
    Horizontal adjustment of top cutter block  +/- 32 mm
    Table size 800 x 310 mm
    Main cutter heads TC Z4 shear with capacity for scribe knives 2 x 175 x 60 mm
    Scribing head 150 x 60 x 30 x Z2
    Motor rating 4.0kw 3 Phase, 2.2kw 1 Phase
    Effective length of shaft 75 mm
    Vertical movement 95 mm
    Horizontal movement 30 mm
    Max tool diameter 210 mm
    Dimensions L x W x H 1220 x 920 x 1350 mm
    Weight 350 kg

Saomad Heavy Duty Single End Tenoner



A heavy duty modular design Single End Tenoning machine (an up to date replacement for a UK Spec Wadkin / Robinson machine) fitted with digital readouts for quick easy adjustment both horizontal and vertical and on request allows a full choice of head positions to suit individual production needs.


Optionally available with a motorized carriage and powered movement of vertical spindle with a 400 mm useful length and mechanical digital display of spindle height. Including all CE safety features with self braking motors.

Saomad ST.620 Automatic Tenoning Machine



A heavy duty automatic single end tenoning machine equipped with saw unit and programmable 620mm long vertical spindle. Automatic table movement.



  • Working table sizes 720mm x 1130mm, tiltable +/- 60 degree square with 3 reference stops, anti-chip device with automatic rotative setting up to 8 positions.
  • Clamps 2 pneumatic vertical clamps units.
  • Advancing of tenoning carriage automatic advancing, working speed 4mt/min, return speed 16 mt/min, motor 0.5 HP.
  • Circular saw motor 4hp, 3000rpm, blade diameter 400mm for max. cutting height 125 mm, diameter shaft motor 30mm, horizontal controlled by programmer.
  • Tenoning shaft diam. 50mm, useful length 620mm, vertical stroke by encoder controlled motor 10hp, 2600 rpm with star delta starter, max tool diameter 330mm.
  • Suction System 1 exhaust hood for saw diam.120mm and 2 exhaust hoods for tenoning shafts 148 and 80mm.

Saomad ModelUTP Quickset Automatic Single End Tenoner



A new concept fully programmable heavy duty single end tenoner which is faster to set up than any other tenoner on the market due to the simple to use Siemens programmer.

This controls both the saw (tenon length), top and bottom cutterheads for (tenon thickness and shoulder size) and also vertical / horizontal positioning of the scribe shaft all at the push of a button

No manual Setting required. Simply call your programme number up along with the job name required and all axis are set automatically.

Nico Duin MW1 Heavy Duty Single End Tenoner



A heavy duty compact single end tenoner fitted with digital readouts for quick easy adjustment both horizontal and vertical. The machine is available in a few different configurations to suit your production requirements. One of the main features of this machine is the ease of access to all tools with a front retractable CE front guard.



  • Saw Unit 3hp at 2850 rpm with 450mm sawblade dia x 30mm bore. 155mm cutting height (optionally 168m) with horizontal movement of 150mm.
  • Dust hood 100mm.
  • Tenoning heads top and bottom cutterblocks 150mm long x 160m diameter on 40mm shaft each 4hp at 3700 rpm.
  • Horizontal movement of heads 100mm. Vertical movement 150mm.
  • Dust Hoods 2 x 140mm dia.
  • Vertical heads for scribing tools - 40mm dia with 180mm useable length / 50mm dia. with 220mm, 7.5hp motor at 3700 rpm. Max tool diameter 320mm.
  • Mechanical digital readouts to all axis for easy setting.


Optionally available with:

  • Automatic carriage (variable speed up to 30 m/min) - fitted with 1 x pneumatic clamp (optionally available with extra clamps).
  • Table size 900 x 430mm, fence adjustable +/- 45 degrees (60 degrees option on request)
  • Pneumatic quick release counter profile chipbreaker.

Friulmac Quadramat Double End Tenoner



The Quadramat line is designed to process extremely wide range of operations, for both solid wood and panel products.


All versions of Quadramat are built based on a modular concept to suit all your needs and production requirements


Units available:

  • Scoring
  • Jump Scoring
  • Combined Jump Scoring and Hogging
  • Hogging unit
  • Top & Bottom Hogging units on single support
  • Profiling unit
  • Jump Profiling unit
  • Long profiling spindle
  • Long profiling spindle Jump
  • Corner rounding
  • Scotch brite/sanding
  • Flat edge belt sanding
  • Shaped edges belt sanding.

Friulmac Randomat machine



No more waste of time changing set-up.


No more low productivity and poor quality!


With a moderate investment, Randomat allows continuous feeding of random length work pieces, and processing of any kind of profile with no tear-outs.


Extra short change over time for different profiles.


Compact design reduces space requirement


End matching of random length FLOORING, cabinet and entry door rails has graduated to top-notch quality and profitability.


Machine can be integrated into moulding and sanding lines for reduced labour costs.

Used Tenoners

Wadkin ECA Single End Tenoner



Wadkin ECA Tenoners available in various combinations for the perfect marriage of heavy stock removal and quality of finish.


Massive construction, high quality engineering and large specification combine to cater for the full range of Tenoning needs.



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