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Coping Center Stegherr KF-mini



For cut-to-length production, an optional cross cut saw mounted to a fence can be added. Even already profiled bars can be coped quickly, accurately and tear free with the KF-mini machine.

Stegherr Closed Halving Joint Cutter / Cross Joint Milling Machine KSF-mini



This is the ideal small cross bar milling machine for all usual cross joints. Even already profiled bars can be milled quickly and accurately.

Due to the well thought out construction the KSF-mini machine offers a simple, easy and safe handling even to the untrained operator.

The absolute accurate precision of milling is achieved due to its unique design by which all three cuts are done in one single clamping.

Stegherr Closed Halving Joint Cutter / Cross Joint Milling Machine KSF-2


Special head arrangement for the quick and efficient production of closed halving joints. The edges are cut by a top and a bottom cutting unit while at the same time a third unit finishes the flat portion in between. The feed rate of the cutters can be set infinitely variable. The entire cutter unit moves against the rigidly located workpiece.

Stegherr NF Grooving Trenching machine


Automatic feeding with top, bottom or top and bottom trenching

Max working width standard 200 mm or option 400 mm

Auto loading and unloading available

Coping Station type KF for windows and doors


The excellent quality of this joint is achieved by shaping the workpiece ends with two counterrotating spindles. In the same working cycle the machine can cope the workpiece ends, drill the holes for dowels or screws and insert dowels.


NC Angle saw for glass strips Stegherr GLS


This machine can mitre-cut glass strips, water drainange channels or similar profiles of wood, aluminum or PVC at any angle

between +45° and -45°


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