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“Let’s get Britain building,” minister tells housebuilding sector


7 February 2017




























The UK government has today set out ambitious housebuilding plans in its long-awaited housing industry white paper called “Fixing our broken housing market”.

The white paper includes reforms to the housing market and measures to increase the supply of new homes.

In essence, communities secretary Sajid Javid says the current system “isn’t working and is one of the greatest barriers to progress in Britain today”.

The Structural Timber Association (STA) has welcomed the plans, saying the government’s commitment was acting as a catalyst for change in the wider housing market, through supporting offsite manufacturing techniques.

Details in the white paper include action to help small independent builders enter the market through a £3bn Home Building Fund – already flagged up in advance of the publication.

The government says around 60% of new homes are built by just 10 companies ...


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27th September - 1st October 2021, Hannover, Germany






29th March - 1st April 2022, Nuremberg, Germany


Innovations in the window, door & facade construction sector






 6th - 9th February 2022


Joinery and furniture manufacturing show.

Increasing The Use Of Wood In Construction



7 February 2017

Wood is nature’s most versatile building material. It lends itself to offsite construction methods, which can speed up average build times by a third compared with other materials.


Building with wood is energy efficient with thermal insulation offering up to 90 percent reduction in heating bills. Due to its carbon storage mechanism, wood can help foster a low-carbon economy and hence contribute to a sustainable future. Owing to its calming qualities, wood is also known to provide healthy environments that enhance our wellbeing. Wood is a high-performance material that can meet future needs and deliver affordable housing the UK urgently needs.


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