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Narrow Bandsaws 400 - 900 dia wheels



Top Quality and Great Value

Solid steel frame and Cast iron wheels with sealed for life bearings

Planer Thicknessers



High quality cast iron planer thicknesser designed for carpenters and joiners who demand quality and value.


Tersa blade system available.

Martin T54 Heavy Duty Planer


Experience Perfection: The T54 surface planer is a superb workhorse of a machine designed to last and last.

  • Planing width 500 mm
  • Infeed table 1640 mm
  • Overall tables length 2840 mm
  • 7.5 Hp main motor as standard



Martin T45 Thicknesser


The T45 planer provides ideal conditions for the modern manufacturing environment: It delivers cleanly planed surfaces, is quick and easy to use and operates with very low noise emissions. 99 Storable planing dimensions.

  • Thicknessing width 630 mm
  • Workpiece thickness 2.8 - 300 mm
  • Table length 1260 mm
  • 7.5 Hp main motor as standard
  • Feed rate 6 or 12 m/min

H & M VN250 Haunching & Profiling Machine


A heavy duty machine for all purpose notching, haunching.

The machine incorporates a 250mm capacity horizontal spindle.

The work pieces are clamped by a pneumatic cylinder/s operated by a toggle switch mounted on a remote moveable control stand that be sited to suit the best operating position.

Also from here the vertical movement up / down of the cutter shaft is activated by two hand push button safety control.

The vertical movement of the shaft is controlled by hydrocheck pneumatic cylinder with adjustable speed.

A clean cut is obtained by means of a sacrificial chipbreaker mounted on the table

Palings & Slide Sash Stile

Used Miscellaneous

Wadkin PAR


Planes 4 sides of timber in two operations.

The timber is first surfaced and edged on a two metre infeed table and then fed back in the reverse direction to plane the other two sides.

Two feed speeds 4.6 and 9.1 mpm.

Lag bed type thickness table

Customer machine



If you are interested please contact us for more details.

Ryburn Twin Semi-auto Stair trencher with plunging heads


  • Maximum size of string board 300 x 50 mm
  • Spindle speeds 12000 rpm
  • Motor power 4 Kw
  • Floor space 2250 x 1400 mm
  • Approx. net weight 850 Kg
  • Customer machine



If you are interested please contact us for more details.

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