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New Vertical / Horizontal Cramps

Ram Style Hydraulic



Normally used in the manufacture of Windows and doors, easy working environment, simple to use and adjust, space saving, typical size of 3000 mm x 2000 mm working capacity, extra rams and cylinders available to suit your application.

Pegboard Type Frame Cramp Hydraulic or Pneumatic



Hydraulic for the heavier Joinery and Frame type work


Pneumatic for the cramping of Window Sashes, Kitchen and Bedroom Doors


Special sizes and versions available


Low entry level price cramp


Optional Plastic facings when using Woodwelder


Heavy duty rams as standard


Separate side and top pressure controls, regulators and gauges


Supplied with locking castors for mobility


Unique cylinder location and locking device,


UK manufactured.

Semi Auto Frame Cramp Vertical Hydraulic



A heavy duty vertical clamp specifically designed for windows and doors.


The 3 x vertical clamps are mounted on double acting hydraulic cylinders with a stroke of 1000mm. This eliminates the need to manually set the height of the vertical cylinders as is usually the case, the operator simply selects the required height to suit the frame being clamped via the vertical electro/hydraulic cylinder control. Once the desired size has been set, and the first frame clamped all clamping cylinders back off approx. 100mm/200mm ready for the next frame to be loaded and clamped.

Alternatively it can be reset for the next size.


The beam carrying the 2 x horizontal cylinders is manually set and locked to the required position by easy peg positions but has the option of motorised width positioning.


The pressing cycle is automatic and in the first instance squares up the frame before applying the clamping pressure.


The machine can be supplied in various sizes and on request interchangeable counter profile shoes for preprofiled timber can be fitted


Pegboard Open Rail Door Cramp



Hydraulic for the heavier Joinery Door and Frame assembly, Designed for fast and effective cramping of mortised, tenoned and wedged solid timber doors, heavy construction, versatile and well proven.


Offered with either continuous fences or adjustable segments fixed to a slide bar to allow access for wedged fixings.


Controls grouped together at the front of the table, pressure regulator and gauge.


On/Off switch and dual clamping control levers.


Used Cramps

Vertical Pneumatic Pegboard


Working area 2250mm x 1000mm, 5 off 80 mm rams, plastic coverings, suitable for Woodwelder contact us with your requirements and for updated information.

Vertical Hydraulic Pegboard


Working area 3500mm x 2350mm contact us with your requirements and for updated information.

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